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Re: [PATCH] ARM: Add support for SHF_ARM_NOREAD section flag

Hi Nick, Mickael
On 22/12/15 14:16, Nick Clifton wrote:
Hi Mickael,

  After a quick look inside readelf.c it seems there are the standard
output selected with -S option and a detailed one selected with -N
  Do you want me to add ARM-specific section flags for detailed output
only ? or for both ?

Support for -N is sufficient.  The output with -S (the 'p' flag) is
perfectly OK already.

To save you some time I have gone ahead and made the change to readelf,
and checked your patch in.

One minor point - the ChangeLog for patches to the include/elf directory
is in the include/elf directory itself and not in the include directory
above it.


Sorry for the late response, it was a very busy period with our toolchain release and Christmas.

Terry sent a patch upstream to handle the noread attribute in 2014:

Having seen this patch I believe the approach taken here to use section names to represent the noread attribute in assembly is inferior to Terry's approach.

For the GCC implementation of either an attribute or compile option for execute-only we should not use section names to represent the noread attribute, since for instance that means it can not be combined with -ffunction-sections, or any other option that sets section names for functions.

I would like to rebase Terry's patch and make the necessary changes to it, slightly different attribute name and so on, and use that instead of this patch.

Would there be any objections to this?

Best Regards,

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