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Link order a pain, positional argument --start-group problematic

Hi all:

I grew up with MS-DOS and the like, where link order did not matter (as far as I remember). In fact, I still find ld's link order counterintuitive. In my experience, it is a common source of unexpected link errors.

I personally find disturbing that a duplicate symbol may or may not be detected depending on the link order, which can be pretty hard to control in complex or even automatically-generated makefiles.

Reordering libraries in the makefile because of this is a pain, and sometimes there is the issue or circular dependencies.

Furthermore, link order issues have multipled with the advent of C++. For example:

Using the --undefine flag is difficult with C++ mangled names, and not really practicable in large projects.

One of the often-suggested work-arounds is to list static libraries twice, but I am not sure whether that would slow down the link process. Maybe someone here can shed some light on this aspect.

Another common advice is to use --start-group / --end-group and/or --whole-archive . The problem is, the position of these command-line arguments is significant, and that is a problem with some build tools. For example, libtool does not support them:

> Please also note that libtool currently does not support position
> dependent linker flags such as --whole-archive, --start-group,
> --add-needed, --as-needed, or -Bstatic.  Lifting that restriction
> is planned, as possible, at some point in the future.

libtool is part or the autotools, which could be considered dead as far as real development is concerned, so I do not think that a fix is in sight.

As a work-around, I suggest adding alternative command-line arguments that are not position dependent. I guess in most situations a global flag like --whole-archive-all would provide a simpler, more intuitive and more reliable experience.

Please copy me on the answers, as I am not subscribed to this list.


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