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Re: [12/16][binutils][AARCH64]Add relocation support for large memory model. [BFD]Create GOT section for TLSLE_MOVW_TPREL_G(1, 1_NC, 2).

[2.26] [PATCH] PR ld/19319: Regression: ld.bfd: assertion fail ../../bfd/elf32-i386.c:5297

Re: [AArch64] Add feature flags and command line for ARMv8.2 FP16 support.

[AArch64] Add support for ARMv8.2 PSTATE.UAO.

[AArch64] Don't generate GOT entry for large model TLS LE relocation

[AArch64] Fix ARMv8.1 and ARMv8.2 feature settings.

Re: [AArch64] Let aliased instructions be their preferred form.

[AArch64] Remove redundant calculation of plt stub destination for veneer

Re: [Aarch64] Support an ARMv8.2 system register.

[Aarch64] Support ARMv8.2 AT instructions

[AArch64][2.26] Backport ARMv8.2 command line option and feature flag

[AArch64][2.26] Backport ARMv8.2 FP16 AdvSIMD and Statistical Profiling support.

[AArch64][2.26] Backport support for ARMv8.1 Virtualization,Host Extensions.

[AArch64][PATCH 1/14] Support ARMv8.2 FP16 Adv.SIMD instructions.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 1/2] Add ARMv8.2 instructions BFC and REV64.

[AArch64][PATCH 1/2] Add support for ARMv8.2 DC CVAP instruction.

[AArch64][PATCH 1/2] Add support for RAS instruction ESB.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 1/3] Support ARMv8.2 FP16 floating point instructions.

[AArch64][Patch 1/5] Support the ARMv8.2 Statistical Profiling Extension.

[AArch64][PATCH 10/14] Rework code mapping vector types to operand qualifiers.

[AArch64][PATCH 11/14] Add support for the 2H vector type.

[AArch64][PATCH 12/14] Support FP16 Adv.SIMD Scalar Pairwise instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 13/14] Support FP16 Adv.SIMD Shift By Immediate instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 14/14] Support FP16 Adv.SIMD Scalar Shift By Immediate instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 2/14] Support ARMv8.2 FP16 Vector Three Same instructions.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 2/2] Add ARMv8.2 instruction alias REV64.

[AArch64][PATCH 2/2] Add RAS system registers.

[AArch64][PATCH 2/2] Support ARMv8.2 DC CVAP instruction.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 2/3] Adjust a utility function for floating point values.

[AArch64][Patch 2/5] Add Statistical Profiling Extension system registers.

[AArch64][PATCH 3/14] Support ARMv8.2 FP16 Scalar Three Same instructions.

Re: [AArch64][PATCH 3/3] Add floating-point FP16 instructions

[AArch64][Patch 3/5] Adjust maximum number of instruction aliases.

[AArch64][PATCH 4/14] Support FP16 Vector Two Register Misc. instructions.

[AArch64][Patch 4/5] Support HINT aliases taking operands.

[AArch64][PATCH 5/14] Support FP16 Scalar Two Register Misc. instructions.

[AArch64][Patch 5/5] Add instruction PSB CSYNC

[AArch64][PATCH 6/14] Support FP16 Vector Indexed Element instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 7/14] Support FP16 Scalar Indexed Element instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 8/14] Support FP16 Adv.SIMD Across Lanes instructions.

[AArch64][PATCH 9/14] Support FP16 Adv.SIMD Modified Immediate instructions.

[ARM] Enable CRC by default for ARMv8.1 and later.

[ARM] Support ARMv8.2 RAS extension.

[ARM][2.26] Backport ARMv8.2 architecture feature and command line option

[committed] correct nios2 _gp address computation

[committed] MAINTAINERS: Add myself as MIPS maintainer

Re: [GOLD] Add more params to relocate() and relocate_section()

Re: [GOLD] Edit PowerPC64 ELFv2 function entry code

Re: [GOLD] R_PPC64_ENTRY support

[GOLD] relocate() params

[PATCH 1/2] gas: don't get confused by .asci{i,z} after .struct

[PATCH 1/4] [RX] v2 instructions support

[PATCH 2/2] gas: consistently emit diagnostics for non-zero data emission to .bss/.struct

[PATCH 2/4] [RX] v2 instructions support

[PATCH 3/4] [RX] v2 instructions support

[PATCH 4/4] [RX] v2 instructions test case.

[Patch ARM ] Fix build attributes for armv8-a in case of assembler files that contain no directives

Re: [patch bfd] Mark sh5*-*-* and sh64*-*-* as obsolete

[patch bfd] Mark sh5*-*-* and sh64*-*-* as obsolete (Was: Re: New failures with .debug_ranges test)

[PATCH RFC] gas: don't process relocs for content-less sections

Re: [PATCH v2 1/4] gold: Take addend into account for calculating value of the local symbol for GOT.

[PATCH v2] ARM: Add support for thumb1 PCROP relocations.

[PATCH v3] ARM: Add support for thumb1 PCROP relocations.

[PATCH, ARM 1/7] Consolidate Thumb-1/Thumb-2 ISA detection

[PATCH, ARM 2/7] Add support for ARMv8-M Mainline without security extensions

[PATCH, ARM 3/7] Add assembler support for ARMv8-M Baseline without security extensions

[PATCH, ARM 4/7] Add support for linking ARMv8-M object files

[PATCH, ARM 6/7] Allow extension availability to depend on several architecture bits

[PATCH, ARM 7/7] Add support for ARMv8-M Mainline with DSP extension

[PATCH, ARM, 0/7] Add support for ARMv8-M

[PATCH, committed] Implement Intel OSPKE instructions

[PATCH, committed][2.26] Optimize R_386_GOT32/R_386_GOT32X only if addend is 0

Re: [PATCH] [GAS] sparc: support %dN and %qN syntax for FP registers.

[PATCH] [RFC] [GOLD] s390 -fsplit-stack support.

Re: [PATCH] [RFC] nios2: Fix initial PLT entry population

[PATCH] Add bfd_mach_rx_v2

[PATCH] arc/gas: Accept, but ignore, dummy arguments.

[PATCH] ARM: Add cantunwind when unwind info does not match start of section

[PATCH] ARM: Add support for SHF_ARM_NOREAD section flag

Re: [PATCH] ARM: Add support for thumb1 PCROP relocations.

[PATCH] ARM: Fix exidx coverage for relocatable builds

[PATCH] bfd: don't produce corrupt COFF symbol table due to long ELF file name symbols

[PATCH] Darwin: add and dump new header flags

[PATCH] ELF: don't re-order SHF_FILE symbols

[PATCH] Fix -flto on mingw (PR ld/18199)

[PATCH] gas/ELF: slightly relax elf/file*.d expectations

[PATCH] gas: free allocated symbol name in .cfi_label handling

Re: [PATCH] gold: Implement --long-plt flag.

[PATCH] gold: safe-ctype.h vs C++ system headers

[PATCH] ld: relax alignment requirements of compressed .debug_* section checks

[PATCH] nm: basic symbol type support for SysV-style symbol table dumping

[PATCH] opcodes/arc: Support dmb instruction with no operands

[PATCH] Optimize R_386_GOT32/R_386_GOT32X only if addend is 0

[PATCH] PR ld/19317: ld -r doesn't need plugin for slim lto object

[PATCH] PR ld/19319: Regression: ld.bfd: assertion fail ../../bfd/elf32-i386.c:5297

[PATCH] Remove useless loop

[PATCH] rl78: Enable MULU for all ISAs.

[PATCH][ARC] Bug fixing and adding GAS tests.

RE: [PATCH][Binutils][ARM] ldah being disassembled as ldaexh

[PATCH][GAS][ARM] Autodetection tests

[PATCH][gold] PR ld/19317: ld -r doesn't need plugin for slim lto object

[PATCH][RX] instruction decoder various fix

[PATCH][RX] v1 disassembly fix

Re: [PING^2] [PATCH] PR gold/18609

[PUSHED/PATCH] arc/gas: Accept, but ignore, dummy arguments.

Re: [RFC PATCH 01/11] MIPS/BFD: Correct an FP ABI warning

Re: [RFC PATCH 02/11] MIPS/BFD: Use local pointers to target data in private data merge

Re: [RFC PATCH 03/11] MIPS/BFD: Suppress attribute checks for null input

Re: [RFC PATCH 04/11] MIPS/BFD: Fold the handling of input MIPS ABI flags together

Re: [RFC PATCH 05/11] MIPS/BFD: Factor out ELF file header flag checks

Re: [RFC PATCH 06/11] MIPS/BFD: Propagate the return status in attribute merging

Re: [RFC PATCH 07/11] MIPS/BFD: Move attribute check after ELF file header flag check

Re: [RFC PATCH 08/11] MIPS/BFD: Factor out ABI flag merging

Re: [RFC PATCH 09/11] MIPS/LD: Convert ELF linker emulation option macros to an enum

Re: [RFC PATCH 10/11] BFD: Pass link information to `bfd_merge_private_bfd_data'

[RFC PATCH, ARM 5/7] Add support for ARMv8-M security extensions instructions

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 1/9] Refactor Cortex-A8 erratum workaround in preparation

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 2/9] Factor our stub creation in ARM backend

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 3/9] Allow stubs without associated input section in ARM backend

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 4/9] Use getters/setters to access ARM branch type

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 5/9] Allow veneers to claim veneered symbols

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 6/9] Add support for ARMv8-M Secure Gateway veneer generation

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 7/9] Add support for creating import libraries

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 8/9] Add support for creating ARM v8-M secure extensions import libraries

[RFC PATCH, binutils, ARM 9/9] Add support for stable secure gateway veneers addresses

Re: [RFC] Add IFUNC support for MIPS (v3)

[rx] Fix p_vaddr reconstruction logic.

addr2line vs. inlined C functions called from C++

Re: ARC port broken reloc processing

binutils/configure update

Bootstrap failure because of warning in tc-i386.c

Commit: Fix formatting in coff-i386.c

Commit: MSP430: Remove redundant silicon errata

Commit: RX: Fix relaxation problems when linking with --no-keep-memory

Re: differences in generated ldscripts for native and cross builds

Don't use BFD_TRADITIONAL_FORMAT flag in COFF support

Enable 2 operand form of powerpc mfcr with -many

FAIL: Link with zlib-gabi compressed debug output

Fix powerpc64 segfault caused by zero r_symndx relocs

Fix SH gas testsuite invalid assembly exposed by ec9ab52c

fixes for PR ld/19263 and PR ld/19264 should go the 2.26 branch

GNU Tools Cauldron, 9-11 September 2016, Hebden Bridge UK.

Re: gold: addend issues in

Fwd: Inconsistent warning/error message by GCC while linking 32/64 bit binary/library

Invoke aout N_* macros with pointer to struct

Linker symbol resolution differences with LTO.

New failures in GAS testsuite

New failures with .debug_ranges test

Please add versoon 2.27 to target milestone in binutils bugzilla

PowerPC ifunc with local symbols

PR19323 memory allocation greater than 4G

Problem with building PDF documentation


Reorder some power9 insns

rl78: relaxation fixes

Re: SH FDPIC ABI spec/binutils and kernel conflict on flag definitions

Re: SPARC: nested static initialization update

tc-ppc.c md_apply_fix tidy

Trim unused params from aout adjust_sizes_and_vmas

Two binutils issues for x86_64-w64-mingw32 host using msys2

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