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Re: Problem with building PDF documentation

On Thursday 10 of December 2015 13:58:03 Nick Clifton wrote:
> Unfortunately those logs do not show what is wrong.  They show that the
> generation has failed, but not *why* it has failed.  Would it be
> possible for you to run the texi2dvi command locally with either--debug
> or --verbose added to the command line to see if this helps pinpoint
> exacltly what is wrong ?

It is definitely possible and I'm more than happy to help. But could you help 
me with that a bit? What arguments should I use for that and do I have to run 
some other commands before texi2dvi? I'm not an expert in these matters... );

> > I guess it it also worth noting that I had no trouble building PDF
> > documentation for binutils at the end of Semtember (at 28th exactly)
> Unfortunately there appears to have been quite a few changes to the
> documentation between then and now.  IS there any chance that you could
> do a bit of binary chopping and narrow down the window a bit ?

This won't work - as I wrote in my e-mail, with the current version of the 
tools the documentation for the exact same revision that I used 3 months ago 
doesn't build too.


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