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Re: [AArch64][PATCH 2/3] Adjust a utility function for floating point values.


Is this ok for the 2.26 branch?

On 24/11/15 11:52, Matthew Wahab wrote:

ARMv8.2 adds 16-bit floating point operations as an optional
extension. This patch adjusts the utility function expand_fp_imm to
support 16-bit values.

The function is intended to convert an 8-bit immediate representing a
floating point value to a representation that can be passed to
fprintf. Because of the limited use of the results, the only made to the
function is to treat a request for a 16-bit float as a request for a
32-bit float.

Tested the series for aarch64-none-linux gnu with cross-compiled
check-binutils and check-gas.

Ok for trunk?

2015-11-24  Matthew Wahab  <>

     * aarch64-opc.c (half_conv_t): New.
         (expand_fp_imm): Replace is_dp flag with the parameter size to
     specify the number of bytes for the required expansion.  Treat
     a 16-bit expansion like a 32-bit expansion.  Add check for an
     unsupported size request.  Update comment.
     (aarch64_print_operand): Update to support 16-bit floating point
     values.  Update for changes to expand_fp_imm.

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