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Re: [ARM] testsuite remaining errors

On 16/11/15 20:52, Christophe Lyon wrote:
> Hi,
> I ran the testsuite on a variety of arm-* configurations, and I
> noticed a few FAILs:
> arm-none-symbianelf:
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: ARM Mapping Symbols for .short (ELF version)

This looks like a typo in mapshort-elf.d (the skip list has
'syymbianelf' rather than 'symbianelf').

> arm-wince-pe:
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: align2

This is a failure in gas/all/align2.s:
testsuite/gas/all/align2.s: Assembler messages:
testsuite/gas/all/align2.s: Fatal error: cannot fill 48 bytes in section .text of test.o because: 'Bad value'

> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: 64 Bytes alignment test
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: ARM .bundle_lock
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: ARM .bundle_align_mode

Same as align2.s

> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: Valid v7e-m+fpv5-d16
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: gas/arm/armv7e-m+fpv5-sp-d16
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: Valid v8-a+pan
> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: ARM load/store with 0 offset

These look like a simple mismatch with the expected output. Skipping the
tests seems safe (but I know nothing about arm-wince-pe). e.g:

+#skip: *-*-pe *-*-wince

> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: blx->bl convert under no -march/cpu

This is appears to be the assembler not understanding the syntax used
in the test.

> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: ARM WinCE basic tests

This is also the assembler not understanding the syntax used in the

> ./gas/testsuite/gas.sum:FAIL: ARM basic instructions (WinCE version)

This looks like a, possibly simple, mismatch with the expected output.

> ./ld/ld.sum:FAIL: TLS directory entry
> ./ld/ld.sum:FAIL: align1
> ./ld/ld.sum:FAIL: extract symbols
> ./binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: dlltool -p (symbol names)
> ./binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: dlltool -p (symbol names) alias-2.def
> ./binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: dlltool -p (symbol names leading underscore)
> ./binutils/binutils.sum:FAIL: dlltool -p (symbol names leading
> underscore) alias-2.def

Afraid I didn't look at these.


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