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Re: [committed, PATCH] Properly convert objects between different ELF classes

On Thu, Sep 24, 2015 at 04:10:09PM +0100, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
> 	binutils/
> 	* objcopy.c (copy_section): Use input section size for the copy.

OK.  The testsuite addition is OK too after building and testing a
good selection of targets, and xfailing the inevitable breakage.  I
use these:

aarch64-linux alpha-dec-vms alpha-linux alpha-linuxecoff alpha-netbsd
alpha-unknown-freebsd4.7 am33_2.0-linux arc-elf arm-aout arm-coff
arm-epoc-pe arm-linuxeabi arm-nacl arm-netbsdelf arm-nto arm-pe
arm-symbianelf arm-vxworks arm-wince-pe avr-elf bfin-elf cr16-elf
cris-elf crisv32-linux crx-elf d10v-elf d30v-elf dlx-elf fr30-elf
frv-elf frv-linux h8300-elf hppa-linux hppa-hp-hpux10
hppa64-hp-hpux11.23 hppa64-linux i370-linux i386-darwin i386-lynxos
i386-netware i386-linuxaout i586-aout i586-coff i586-linux i686-nacl
i686-pc-beos i686-pc-elf i686-pe i860-stardent-elf i960-elf ia64-elf
ia64-freebsd5 ia64-hpux ia64-linux ia64-netbsd ia64-vms ip2k-elf
iq2000-elf lm32-elf m32c-elf m32r-elf m68hc11-elf m68hc12-elf m68k-elf
m68k-linux m68k-netbsd mcore-elf mcore-pe mep-elf microblaze-elf
mips-ecoff mips-linux mips64-linux mipsel-linux-gnu mipsisa32el-linux
mmix mn10200-elf mn10300-elf moxie-elf ms1-elf msp430-elf nios2-linux
ns32k-netbsd or1k-elf pdp11-dec-aout pj-elf powerpc-eabisim
powerpc-linux powerpc-nto powerpc-wrs-vxworks powerpc64-linux
powerpcle-cygwin powerpcle-elf powerpc64le-elf ppc-lynxos rl78-elf
rs6000-aix4.3.3 rs6000-aix5.1 rx-elf s390-linux s390x-linux sh-linux
sh-nto sh-pe sh-rtems sh64-elf shl-unknown-netbsdelf sparc-aout
sparc-coff sparc-linux sparc64-linux spu-elf tic30-unknown-aout
tic30-unknown-coff tic4x-coff tic54x-coff tic6x-elf tilegx-linux
tilepro-linux tx39-elf v850-elf vax-netbsdelf visium-elf x86_64-linux
x86_64-mingw32 x86_64-nacl xgate-elf xstormy16-elf xtensa-elf z8k-coff

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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