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Re: PING: Re: [PATCH 3/3] ld: Extend options for altering orphan handling behaviour.

Hi Andrew,

The patch is approved - please apply - but ...  please could you also add an
entry in the ld/NEWS file mentioning the new/updated feature ?

I had this in the patch:

diff --git a/ld/NEWS b/ld/NEWS
index f9ef88d..864384b 100644
--- a/ld/NEWS
+++ b/ld/NEWS
@@ -6,7 +6,11 @@
  * New command line option for ELF targets to compress DWARF debug
    sections, --compress-debug-sections=[none|zlib|zlib-gnu|zlib-gabi].

-* Add --warn-orphan option to report orphan sections.
+* New command line option, --orphan-handling=[place|warn|error|discard], to
+  adjust how orphan sections are handled.  The default is 'place' which gives
+  the current behaviour, 'warn' and 'error' issue a warning or error
+  respectively when orphan sections are found, and 'discard' will discard all
+  orphan sections.


Is this enough, or is something more required?  If more is needed I am
happy to write it.

No - just buy me some new glasses so that I can actually read patch submissions properly! Sorry about the noise.


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