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Re: Adding custom sections to default linker script

Erik Christiansen wrote on Mon, 31 Aug 2015:

Ah, I missed the "custom compiler" context. In that case, maybe just
tweak the internal linker scripts? They're generated from
<eachtarget>.sc in the source, e.g. binutils-2.23/ld/scripttempl/ .
Tweaking templates causes your customisations to be not only fully
integral to the toolchain, for the specified targets, but also more
customisable than a generic INSERT. (And very easy)

The problem with internalising the complete linker script is that these often contain Linux distribution-specific library search paths. That's the main reason why we want to augment rather than replace them. E.g., from a Scientific Linux 6.7 system (= RHEL 6.7):

SEARCH_DIR("/usr/x86_64-redhat-linux/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/local/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/x86_64-redhat-linux/lib"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/lib64"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/local/lib"); SEARCH_DIR("/lib"); SEARCH_DIR("/usr/lib");

We can't hardcode this for every (version of) every distribution, nor do we want to make our compiler distribution-specific or make people specify these search paths by hand. Right now, our compiler works on pretty much any Linux system with binutils 2.16+ and a Linux kernel 2.20+.

On another note, I discovered a problem with the -T and INSERT: it appears that if the linker response file contains an ENTRY() command, it gets ignored in this case and the one from the default linker script gets used. We need that for proper initialisation/finalisation of dynamic libraries :/


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