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Re: [PATCH] config: fix AM_ICONV for in-tree libiconv

On 05/29/2015 10:25 PM, Yaakov Selkowitz wrote:
> This is the second in a series of patches to make a build with an
> in-tree GNU libiconv work as designed.
> Currently GDB is the only toolchain component which actually uses an
> in-tree libiconv.  This patch modifies the common AM_ICONV to use an
> in-tree libiconv when present and not already provided by libc.  (GDB's
> workaround uses an in-tree libiconv even when libc provides iconv(3);
> I'm not sure when or why that would be desirable.)
> Once these two patches are merged in to each tree, I will follow with
> patches to regenerate the various configure scripts and a few other
> minor corresponding changes.

I noticed that regenerating binutils/configure or gdb/configure
undoes the libiconv changes done here:

commit 016a3251631341bf4d8fe50966d2b70f8ea69e96
Author:     DJ Delorie <>
AuthorDate: Thu Aug 6 18:35:26 2015 -0400
Commit:     DJ Delorie <>
CommitDate: Thu Aug 6 23:55:06 2015 -0400

    Yaakov Selkowitz: fixes for in-tree libiconv

            * Makefile.def (libiconv): Define bootstrap=true.
            Mark pdf/html/info as missing.
            (configure-gcc): Depend on all-libiconv.
            (all-gcc): Ditto.
            (configure-libcpp): Ditto.
            (all-libcpp): Ditto.
            (configure-intl): Ditto.
            (all-intl): Ditto.
            * Regenerate.

            * configure: Regenerate.

            * (LIBICONV): Define.
            (CLIBS): Add LIBICONV.
            * acinclude.m4: Use config/iconv.m4 instead of custom AM_ICONV.
            * configure: Regenerate.

However, that commit does not include any config/iconv.m4/AM_ICONV
change.  Looks like you forgot to attach the config/iconv.m4 patch, and
then only the regeneration bits were pushed (both binutils-gdb git
and gcc svn)?

Pedro Alves

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