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GAS setting SHF_EXCLUDE on .gnu.lto_* sections considered harmful


whilst developing the tooling for GCC LTO early debug I am running into
the issue that GAS sets SHF_EXCLUDE on all sections named .gnu.lto_*

GCC already sets that flag explicitely on all sections where it should go
and GNU ld already discards all .gnu.lto_* sections from a non-incremental
link via its default linker scripts and a proper /DISCARD/ section

Now the issue I am running into is that I desparately need access to
a .gnu.lto_* named section in the final link - namely the sections
containing LTO early debug in the object files generated during the
compile phase.  They should of course still be discarded in case
of FAT binaries and a non-LTO link which they will via the GNU ld
default linker script.

GAS has no way of "unsetting" 'e' on .gnu.lto_ prefixed sections
as there is no "no flags, not even default" I can specify.  Specifying
"ws" works (and GAS complains) on .gnu.lto_.debug_str but "ws" isn't
a good idea on random sections.

So - can we please imply revert 68efed4197a?


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