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Re: optimization by as

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for providing the information.

On 10 August 2015 at 18:52, Matthew Fortune <> wrote:
> Virendra Kumar Pathak <> writes:
>> What other types of optimization can be handled by the assembler ?
>> Are they capable of re-ordering the instructions ?
>> For example inserting other instruction between two loads (on machine
>> with one load unit) to avoid pipeline stall.
> No, that would then be a compiler/recompiler as it needs to do so much
> analysis for safety. You 'can' do anything you like in the assembler
> but probably shouldn't as it is not geared up for that kind of processing.
> The assembler and linker for most architectures tend to be wysiwyg from
> what I know; with special cases only where there are chip errata that need
> fixing. The fixes tend to be things like nop insertion or something
> equally simple but can get more elaborate. In general I would suggest
> not surprising your users by making the assembler too smart.
> Thanks,
> Matthew

with regards,
Virendra Kumar Pathak

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