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Re: gnu as.texinfo, --hash-size=NUMBER

Hi Dilyan,

with commit 4bdd3565f140 you have added to gas the option --hash-size
and documented it in gas/doc/as.texinfo with the snippet below. However,
neither "man 1 as" not "info gas" shows --hash-size as an option.
Please consider adding @item --hash-size=@var{number}, as it is done for
the other command line options.

Oops - sorry about that. It turns out that --hash-size was not added to the synopsis at the start of this section either, so I have checked in the patch below to fix both of these things. Thanks for pointing out this problem.


	* doc/as.texinfo (Overview): Add --hash-size to the synopsis and
	fix typo in its entry: @kindex -> @item.

diff --git a/gas/doc/as.texinfo b/gas/doc/as.texinfo
index 70f1b96..e3b965c 100644
--- a/gas/doc/as.texinfo
+++ b/gas/doc/as.texinfo
@@ -234,10 +234,13 @@ gcc(1), ld(1), and the Info entries for @file{binutils} and @file{ld}.
  [@b{--help}] [@b{-I} @var{dir}] [@b{-J}]
  [@b{-K}] [@b{-L}] [@b{--listing-lhs-width}=@var{NUM}]
  [@b{--listing-lhs-width2}=@var{NUM}] [@b{--listing-rhs-width}=@var{NUM}]
- [@b{--listing-cont-lines}=@var{NUM}] [@b{--keep-locals}] [@b{-o}
- @var{objfile}] [@b{-R}] [@b{--reduce-memory-overheads}] [@b{--statistics}]
- [@b{-v}] [@b{-version}] [@b{--version}] [@b{-W}] [@b{--warn}]
- [@b{--fatal-warnings}] [@b{-w}] [@b{-x}] [@b{-Z}] [@b{@@@var{FILE}}]
+ [@b{--listing-cont-lines}=@var{NUM}] [@b{--keep-locals}]
+ [@b{-o} @var{objfile}] [@b{-R}]
+ [@b{--hash-size}=@var{NUM}] [@b{--reduce-memory-overheads}]
+ [@b{--statistics}]
+ [@b{-v}] [@b{-version}] [@b{--version}]
+ [@b{-W}] [@b{--warn}] [@b{--fatal-warnings}] [@b{-w}] [@b{-x}]
+ [@b{-Z}] [@b{@@@var{FILE}}]
  [@b{--sectname-subst}] [@b{--size-check=[error|warning]}]
  [@b{--target-help}] [@var{target-options}]
  [@b{--}|@var{files} @dots{}]
@@ -757,7 +760,7 @@ Name the object-file output from @command{@value{AS}} @var{objfile}.
 @item -R
 Fold the data section into the text section.

-@kindex --hash-size=@var{number}
+@item --hash-size=@var{number}
 Set the default size of GAS's hash tables to a prime number close to
@var{number}. Increasing this value can reduce the length of time it takes the assembler to perform its tasks, at the expense of increasing the assembler's

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