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Hints on investigating 'invalid ELF header' on ia64-hp-openvms


Using a crossed native build of binutils running on ia64-hp-openvms, object file built [2] from assembly file [3] is invalid [1]

As the cross binutils build produces valid object files on the target, the issue seems to be related to the crossed native build process.
I am looking for hints on how to further investigate and solve this issue.

Best regards,


||$ MCR DISK$USERS:[ADALABS]ld.exe -v simple.o -o simple.exe
$ link /exe=SIMPLE.EXE simple.opt_tmpfile/opt
|%ILINK-E-INVLDHDR, invalid ELF header; field 'ehdr$b_ei_mag0' has invalid value
        module: <unassigned>


|$ MCR DISK$USERS:[ADALABS]as.exe  -o simple.o simple.s|

[3] simple.s

|     .file    "simple.c"
    .pred.safe_across_calls p1-p5,p16-p63
    .align 16
    .global main#
    .type    main#, @function
    .proc main#
    .prologue 2, 2
    .vframe r2
    mov r2 = r12
    nop 0
    .restore sp
    mov r12 = r2
    br.ret.sptk.many b0
    .endp main#
    .ident    "GCC: (GNU) "|



Software Agile Architect, Director
AdaLabs Ltd - Mauritius
+230 542 818 32
skype sauvaged
BRN C10097052

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