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Re: [PATCH] ld: Add '--defined' command line option.

>>   * I think that the name of the option, --defined is slightly confusing.
>> When I first read your submission I thought that it meant that a defined
>> symbol was being created, ie that it was an alias of --defsym.  So how about
>> a different name ?  For example --no-allow-undef=<foo>.  [This version might
>> even be extended so the the inverse option --allow-undef=<foo> would stop
>> --no-undefined from complaining if that particular symbol was undefined].
>> Or how about --undefined-and-err= so that the connection with --undefined is
>> more obvious ?
> I'm not massively attached to the flag name.  The no-allow-undef /
> allow-undef though a nice idea would still require --undefined to be
> used, I'd like to have a single flag, to reduce the chance of user
> errors.
> That leaves --undefined-and-err from your suggestions, or how about
> --require-defined=SYM, it doesn't have the same connection with
> --undefined, but I think that might be nicer.

I like --require-defined=SYM, or (even better) just plain --require=SYM.

I agree with Nick -- the problem with --defined is that, although it's
clearly related to --undefined, it implies that it should have the
opposite effect.


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