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[gold commit] PR 15370: Fix gold to group sections correctly via linker script

In PR 15370, it is noted that gold does not distinguish between
"*(.foo .bar)" and "*(.foo) *(.bar)" in linker scripts. In both
cases, gold groups all .foo sections together, followed by all
.bar sections, whereas in the first case, it should collect all
.foo and .bar sections in the order seen.

If you add sort specs, the Gnu linker has some bizarre corner
cases that I do not try to replicate. In particular,
"*(SORT_BY_NAME(.foo) SORT_BY_NAME(.bar))" does the same thing
as "*(.foo) *(.bar)". But if you apply a sort spec
to just one of several patterns, say, "*(SORT_BY_NAME(.foo) .bar)",
the Gnu linker will collect any .bar section it sees before the
first .foo, then all .foo sections, then all remaining .bar
sections. With this patch, if any of the input patterns have a
sort spec, gold will group them all as it did before; e.g.,
all .foo sections followed by all .bar sections.


2015-06-03  Cary Coutant  <>

        PR gold/15370
        (Output_section_element_input::set_section_addresses): When there
        are several patterns with no sort spec, put all sections in the same
        * testsuite/ (script_test_12): New testcase.
        (script_test_12i): New testcase.
        * testsuite/ Regenerate.
        * testsuite/script_test_12.t: New test linker script.
        * testsuite/script_test_12i.t: New test linker script.
        * testsuite/script_test_12a.c: New test source file.
        * testsuite/script_test_12b.c: New test source file.

Attachment: pr15370-group-sections.patch
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