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Re: [PATCH users/roland/osabi] Recognize GNU .note.ABI-tag values 5 (syllable) and 6 (nacl)

On 05/29/2015 02:10 AM, Roland McGrath wrote:
> These two values are assigned in glibc trunk (5 has been assigned to
> syllable for several years, and 6 is quite recent).  I don't actually know
> anything about Syllable, but IMHO it makes sense for the other GNU packages
> that think about these values at all (binutils/gdb) to grok all the values
> that exist in the GNU package that owns this number space (libc).
> OK for trunk and gdb's 7.9 branch?  (I don't really care about the readelf
> change, but I'm happy to put it on binutils' 2.25 branch if anyone thinks
> it's worthwhile.)

I think adding the constants to include/elf/common.h, and making
generic_elf_osabi_sniff_abi_tag_sections recognize syllable and nacl,
avoiding the internal_error (or warning after your other patch) is OK
and could go to the 7.9 branch.  Please split that out to a separate patch.

The rest of the gdb bits can be considered for trunk.  I don't think we want
GDB_OSABI_SYLLABLE exposed to the rest of the gdb (I don't know anything
about Syllable either), and to users (both "set osabi" and xml target
descriptions).  We may need to expose GDB_OSABI_NACL, but that's probably
best added along with the nacl port, assuming there's one.

Pedro Alves

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