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Re: [Patch, tentative] Show output section size contribution from each input file in map file

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 06:14:46PM +0530, Senthil Kumar Selvaraj wrote:
> This very rough patch adds extra information to the map file to show 
> how much each input file contributed to output sections in the output
> file. While this information can already by computed by 
> grepping/summing existing map file output, this patch makes that 
> unnecessary - it groups by input bfd.
> The primary motivation is to help embedded developers (or anyone who is
> paranoid about code size) quickly figure out where most of the code/data 
> is coming from.

Sorry, I don't see this as useful at all.  For people who don't want
the collected information, it is just clutter.  Teach your users about
grep instead..

$ gcc -o hello hello.o -Wl,-Map,
$ grep hello.o 
                0x0000000000000000        0x0 hello.o
LOAD hello.o
 .text          0x00000000004004d6       0x46 hello.o
 .rodata        0x00000000004005a4        0x6 hello.o
 .eh_frame      0x0000000000400658       0x40 hello.o
 .data          0x0000000000600928        0x0 hello.o
 .bss           0x0000000000600929        0x0 hello.o
 .comment       0x000000000000001a       0x1b hello.o

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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