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Re: [PATCH] x86/Intel: accept mandated operand order for vcvt{,u}si2s{d,s}

>>> On 21.05.15 at 14:07, <> wrote:
> I checked with our SDM people and was told that
> ---
> Intel Software Developer Manual only governs the output side of the binary
> form of instruction byte stream matches what HW expect. Each assembly
> tool product has its own implementation of transforming the input
> language/dialect into the output stream.
> ---

Of course. But I don't think you're going to deny that what it (or
really its ancient predecessors) specified has been taken by
assembler implementations as reference.

> Intel syntax supported by GNU assembler is what is implemented
> in GNU assembler.  Given that there is nothing we can be compatible
> with, we don't want to change it.

I clearly disagree to this last statement, and I think you saying so
contradicts you having pulled in people maintaining other assemblers
apparently in the hope that they would support your position (which
they didn't, at least not publicly, i.e. not visible to me).

Furthermore you once again ignore the fact that the assembler
after my proposed changes isn't going to reject the previously
supported format, it merely _also_ supports the SDM specified
variant. Hence I don't see the change breaking anything, and I
continue having a hard time understanding your position in the
first place.


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