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[PATCH] Enable dlltool's -t option


I noticed that dlltool supports a -t option to set tmp_prefix, but the list
of options passed to getopt_long() doesn't include "t:" so the option is
inaccessible. I'd like to use this in Debian to facilitate reproducible builds
of software building import libraries (e.g. mingw-w64).

The following patch enables the option.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Kitt <>

diff --git a/binutils/dlltool.c b/binutils/dlltool.c
index be08227..c9f7806 100644
--- a/binutils/dlltool.c
+++ b/binutils/dlltool.c
@@ -4091,9 +4091,9 @@ main (int ac, char **av)
   while ((c = getopt_long (ac, av,
-                          "m:e:l:aD:d:z:b:xp:cCuUkAS:f:nI:vVHhM:L:F:",
+                          "m:e:l:aD:d:z:b:xp:cCuUkAS:t:f:nI:vVHhM:L:F:",
-                          "m:e:l:y:aD:d:z:b:xp:cCuUkAS:f:nI:vVHh",
+                          "m:e:l:y:aD:d:z:b:xp:cCuUkAS:t:f:nI:vVHh",
                           long_options, 0))
         != EOF)

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