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Re: Fix sim fallout from arm assembler complaining about symbols named as insns

Hi Hans-Peter,

I'm not completely sure this new gas warning is a good thing.
I mean, symbols such as those below don't really interfere with
the insn namespace, do they?

No, but they can be a little bit confusing and the problem I was trying to solve, of an instruction name being mistakenly treated as a symbol, is genuine. It would be better I agree to restrict this check to just the case where the "=" assignment operator is being used, but I did not want to modify generic code. Maybe I should have done that. :-(

To wit, right now, the new symbol "sanity-check" causes failures
for --target arm-eabi check-sim:

So it does.  I should have checked that before committing the patch.  Sorry.

+2015-05-02  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>
+	* bl.cgs (bl0): Rename from symbol colliding with insn name bl.
+	* iwmmxt/tmia.cgs (tmia0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/tmiaph.cgs (tmiaph0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/waligni.cgs (waligni0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wand.cgs (wand0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wandn.cgs (wandn0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wmov.cgs (wmov0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wor.cgs (wor0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wshufh.cgs (wshuf0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wxor.cgs (wxor0): Similar.
+	* iwmmxt/wzero.cgs (wzero0): Similar.
+	* xscale/mia.cgs (mia0): Similar.
+	* xscale/miaph.cgs (miaph0): Similar.

I think that this is a good solution - please apply.


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