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Re: [PATCH] Add support for Nuxi CloudABI

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 6:58 AM, Ed Schouten <> wrote:
> Hello all,
> The last couple of months my company been working on a system called
> CloudABI. To summarize, it is a POSIX-like system purely built on the
> concepts of capability-based security, similar to FreeBSD's Capsicum.
> More details can be found here:
> CloudABI has its own ELFOSABI constant that has been allocated by
> SCO/Caldera, ELFOSABI_CLOUDABI, having value 17.

I will check in a patch to define ELFOSABI_CLOUDABI.

> Attached is a small patch for Binutils to add support for this target.
> The changes from config.sub have already been upstreamed:
> Essentially there is no need to modify Binutils to support CloudABI,
> apart from modifying the linker to use a different ELFOSABI in the
> generated executables. The code for this is mostly identical to how
> this is done for FreeBSD.

1. is missing.
2. config.sub change should go to upstream first.
3. Missing ChangeLog entries.


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