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[gold commit] PR gold/18048: Fix INCLUDE directive support for gold

This patch fixes INCLUDE directives in script files, so that when
an INCLUDE appears inside a sections block, section commands block,
or memory def block, the contents are parsed in the appropriate


        PR gold/18048
        * script-c.h (script_include_directive): Add first_token parameter.
        * (script_include_directive): Add first_token parameter, and
        pass it to read_script_file.
        (PARSING_MEMORY_DEF): New tokens.
        (top): Add new productions for INCLUDE files.
        (file_cmd): Replace file_or_sections_cmd with copy of its productions.
        Pass PARSING_LINKER_SCRIPT to script_include_directive.
        (section_block_cmd): Likewise; pass PARSING_SECTIONS_BLOCK.
        (section_cmd): Pass PARSING_SECTION_CMDS.
        (file_or_sections_cmd): Remove.
        (memory_def): Pass PARSING_MEMORY_DEF.
        * testsuite/ (memory_test_2): New test.
        * testsuite/ Regenerate.
        * testsuite/memory_test_inc.t: New script file.
        * testsuite/memory_test_inc_1.t.src: New script file.
        * testsuite/memory_test_inc_2.t.src: New script file.
        * testsuite/memory_test_inc_3.t.src: New script file.

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