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Re: Slow readelf for huge ARM binary

Hi Dmitry,

  I have checked your patch in, together with the changelog entry below.

There was one problem however, alluded to by H.J. You changed the find_symbol_for_address() function to use a binary search and skip the test for the symbol being a function symbol. But although find_symbol_for_address is called from several places in readelf.c you only updated the ARM caller. Other targets, eg IA64 and HPPA were still passing the old, unsorted, complete symbol table to the function... I took the liberty of fixing this problem before applying the patch.


2015-02-24  Dmitry Antipov  <>

	* readelf.c (find_symbol_for_address): Use a binary search to
	speed up symbol location.  Skip check for function symbol type.
	(*_unw_aux_info): Add funtab and nfuns fields contains a sorted
	list of function symbols.
	(dump_ia64_unwind): Initialise the funtab and nfuns fields and
	pass them to find_symbol_for_address.
	(dump_hppa_unwind): Likewise.
	(arm_print_vma_and_name): Pass funtab to find_symbol_for_address.
	(dump_arm_unwind): Initialise the funtab and nfuns fields.

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