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[PATCH] Enable building GDB without installed libtermcap


currently building gdb is impossible without an installed termcap or a curses library.
That can be rather aw-quad when building a gdb for a build != host configuration.

The idea for this patch is to include a simple version of libtermcap as a fall-back
for the case that the host compiler does not have any cursor library.  This enables
at least a non tui-enabled gdb.  It works even if there is no termcap configuration
file on the target.  If a termcap or curses library can be found when configuring gdb,
we will use the installed library instead of the included libtermcap.

I used the latest available GNU libtermcap-1.3.1 from,
refreshed the autoconf files and integrated that in the gdb build system.

I verified that this patch builds various cross-configurations, including target=cygwin.

To keep the patch files below the limit of 400K for this newsgroup, the attached patch
assumes that termcap-1.3.1 is first copied to the folder binutils-gdb/libtermcap.
The texinfo files* need to be manually deleted, as they can be regenerated.
Then the patch file patch-libtermcap.diff needs to be applied on the libtermcap folder,
and then autoconf 2.64 needs to be done on the libtermcap folder. Finally the
patch file patch-gdb-termcap.diff needs to be applied on the binutils-gdb folder.

OK for trunk?


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