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Re: ping #3: [RFA] Add --with-libz-prefix option in config/zlib.m4

> Why do you want to turn off zlib? On Linux/x86,  zlib is required
> for assembler.  At least, you should issue an error when --without-libz
> is used in binutils for Linux/x86 target.

I am trying to do the exact opposite, which is to provide an option
to compile WITH zlib, but using an install at a non-standard location.

> I guess someone has asked it before.  Why can't zlib be made the
> same as
>   --with-mpc=PATH         specify prefix directory for installed MPC package.
>                           Equivalent to --with-mpc-include=PATH/include plus
>                           --with-mpc-lib=PATH/lib
>   --with-mpc-include=PATH specify directory for installed MPC include files
>   --with-mpc-lib=PATH     specify directory for the installed MPC library
> It is more flexible than your patch.  If you have some existing packages
> which use your scheme, you can translate the configure command line
> options to this one.

This is fustrating. I already answered that question.


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