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Re: backports to 2.25 branch

> On 11 Feb 2015, at 03:41, Alan Modra <> wrote:
> Hi Tristan,
> I have a large list of backports I'd like to apply to the branch.
> Most are PowerPC related, but you'll see an ARM and a SH fix too, as
> well as general fixes.  OK?

Sure, I trust your judgement.

Does it mean that you will favour a 2.25.1 release ?


> 0cfd832f Recognize new DWARFv5 C11, C++11 and C++14 DW_LANG constants
> 8bc10620 dwarf.c handle new DWARFv5 C11, C++11 and C++14 DW_LANG constants
> 51aecdc5 ppc64_elf_edit_opd revamp
> 53df40a4 Sort relocs output by ld -r
> 31d999a5 ppc64_elf_edit_opd revamp, take 2
> 28dbcedc Don't sort ld -r relocs for mips
> e00e8198 Don't return DW_AT_name for function name in C++
> 4c219c2e Use autoconf check for long long in binutils
> 6cabe1ea Copy relocations against protected symbols
> de287215 Set bfd_error in _bfd_elf_adjust_dynamic_copy
> c322dea4 PowerPC register numbers in DWARF
> 6ddfe5b4 Display DW_LANG_C11 as (C11)
> 04c6a44c Set ppc COMMONPAGESIZE to 64k
> e30880c2 [GOLD] Fix powerpc overflow check
> 18d6a79d Move support code for linker script DEFINED to ldexp.c
> cd8e2bcf Correct logic for "defined by object"
> 4cc2bf08 Don't PROVIDE over top of common symbols
> 12b2843a Use a symbol flag bit to mark linker defined symbols
> ca0694ad Don't create .eh_frame_hdr on shared lib bfd
> 0abb10c8 Delete unnecessary code copying SHF_SH5_ISA32 flag
> b38ead21 Assorted compiler warning fixes
> bba33ab1 Fix build without makeinfo from release binutils tar
> 8539e4e8 Fix ARM fail of gap test
> ca55926c Omit section dynsyms for any linker created section
> c4621b33 Fix garbage collection of common symbols
> 1c9177d9 Fix garbage collection of common symbols for powerpc64
> 43d66c95 run_dump_test can now check linker mapfiles
> c05b575a Don't evaluate unneeded PROVIDE expressions
> 481765cd Update expected test results for 32-bit hosts
> b01a4b04 [GOLD] Correct powerpc64 ifunc plt entry test
> b86ac8e3 Correct PowerPC64 local-dynamic TLS linker optimization
> 0f81d3f0 Correct GOLD PowerPC64 local-dynamic TLS linker optimization
> 989f9879 Don't segfault or assert on NULL tls_sec
> -- 
> Alan Modra
> Australia Development Lab, IBM

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