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backports to 2.25 branch

Hi Tristan,
I have a large list of backports I'd like to apply to the branch.
Most are PowerPC related, but you'll see an ARM and a SH fix too, as
well as general fixes.  OK?

0cfd832f Recognize new DWARFv5 C11, C++11 and C++14 DW_LANG constants
8bc10620 dwarf.c handle new DWARFv5 C11, C++11 and C++14 DW_LANG constants
51aecdc5 ppc64_elf_edit_opd revamp
53df40a4 Sort relocs output by ld -r
31d999a5 ppc64_elf_edit_opd revamp, take 2
28dbcedc Don't sort ld -r relocs for mips
e00e8198 Don't return DW_AT_name for function name in C++
4c219c2e Use autoconf check for long long in binutils
6cabe1ea Copy relocations against protected symbols
de287215 Set bfd_error in _bfd_elf_adjust_dynamic_copy
c322dea4 PowerPC register numbers in DWARF
6ddfe5b4 Display DW_LANG_C11 as (C11)
04c6a44c Set ppc COMMONPAGESIZE to 64k
e30880c2 [GOLD] Fix powerpc overflow check
18d6a79d Move support code for linker script DEFINED to ldexp.c
cd8e2bcf Correct logic for "defined by object"
4cc2bf08 Don't PROVIDE over top of common symbols
12b2843a Use a symbol flag bit to mark linker defined symbols
ca0694ad Don't create .eh_frame_hdr on shared lib bfd
0abb10c8 Delete unnecessary code copying SHF_SH5_ISA32 flag
b38ead21 Assorted compiler warning fixes
bba33ab1 Fix build without makeinfo from release binutils tar
8539e4e8 Fix ARM fail of gap test
ca55926c Omit section dynsyms for any linker created section
c4621b33 Fix garbage collection of common symbols
1c9177d9 Fix garbage collection of common symbols for powerpc64
43d66c95 run_dump_test can now check linker mapfiles
c05b575a Don't evaluate unneeded PROVIDE expressions
481765cd Update expected test results for 32-bit hosts
b01a4b04 [GOLD] Correct powerpc64 ifunc plt entry test
b86ac8e3 Correct PowerPC64 local-dynamic TLS linker optimization
0f81d3f0 Correct GOLD PowerPC64 local-dynamic TLS linker optimization
989f9879 Don't segfault or assert on NULL tls_sec

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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