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Re: Contributing FreeBSD/aarch64 support

On Mon, Feb 9, 2015 at 12:41 PM, Ed Maste <> wrote:
> On 9 February 2015 at 10:25, Ed Maste <> wrote:
>> On 8 February 2015 at 23:12, Andrew Pinski <> wrote:
>>> Also if you need
>>> -Wno-uninitialized, it might make sense to figure out better patches
>>> for those places where unitialized warnings happen.
>> This one is fixed with:
>> -  struct bfd_link_hash_entry ehdr_start_save = ehdr_start_save;
>> +  struct bfd_link_hash_entry ehdr_start_save;
> I missed that the redundant assignment was added intentionally (I
> assumed it was an accident).  It was done in commit f9c316c to
> eliminate an uninitialized warning from older GCC.
> H.J., do you have a suggestion on an approach for both old GCC and
> recent Clang? Perhaps an explicit #if condition on __GNUC__ and
> __GNUC_MINOR__ for the redundant assignment?

This is a common practice to silence GCC warning in biutils
I prefer not to add #if for clang.

Do you get clean results for "make check" with clang?
If not, I don't see why we should change source for clang.
You can always configure binutils with --disable-werror.


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