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Re: [patch] Simplify Garbage_collection::add_reference a bit

I noticed I had the '&' close to the variable instead of the type.
Fixed in the attached patch.

On 2 February 2015 at 17:58, Rafael EspÃndola
<> wrote:
> this->section_reloc_map_[src_id] is created if it doesn't exist, so there
> is no point in doing a find.
> Cheers,
> Rafael
> 2014-09-18  Rafael Ãvila de EspÃndola <>
>        * gc.h (Garbage_collection::add_reference): Don't use find.
diff --git a/gold/gc.h b/gold/gc.h
index 2db7cb9..be4a63c 100644
--- a/gold/gc.h
+++ b/gold/gc.h
@@ -109,11 +109,8 @@ class Garbage_collection
     Section_id src_id(src_object, src_shndx);
     Section_id dst_id(dst_object, dst_shndx);
-    Section_ref::iterator p = this->section_reloc_map_.find(src_id);
-    if (p == this->section_reloc_map_.end())
-      this->section_reloc_map_[src_id].insert(dst_id);
-    else
-      p->second.insert(dst_id);
+    Sections_reachable& reachable = this->section_reloc_map_[src_id];
+    reachable.insert(dst_id);

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