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Re: [patch][gold][arm]Support IFUNC

> This patch adds IFUNC support for arm gold backend, which is a
> required feature in chromeos  arm development work.

+  // Unlike aarch64, which records symbol value in "addend" field of
+  // and could be done at the same time an IRelative reloc is created for the
+  // symbol, arm puts the symbol value into "GOT" table, which, however, is
+  // issued later in Output_data_plt_arm::do_write(). So we have a struct here
+  // to keep necessary symbol information for later use in do_write. We usually
+  // have only a very limited number of ifuncs, so the extra data required here
+  // is also limited.
+   struct IRelative_data
+  {

"struct" is indented one space too many.

   // Set the final size.
+                       + (this->count_ + this->irelative_count_)
+                       * this->get_plt_entry_size());

Please add another pair of parentheses around the multiplication
expression, and indent the "*" accordingly.

This is OK with those changes. Thanks!


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