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[Committed] S/390: Add support for IBM z13.


the attached patch adds support for the IBM z13 machine to the
Binutils package.

The machine has been announced recently:

The Principles of Operations manual describing the new instructions
will be made available soon.

Highlights from a toolchain perspective are:

- 32 128 bit vector registers (overlapping with the existing 16 64 bit
  floating point registers)
- vector double instructions
- vector integer instructions
- scalar vector instructions (allowing to have more floating point
  registers for scalar operations)
- vector string instructions

Committed to mainline.  No regressions.



2015-01-16  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* config/tc-s390.c (struct pd_reg): Remove.
	(pre_defined_registers): Remove.
	(REG_NAME_CNT): Remove.
	(reg_name_search): Calculate the register number instead of doing
	a lookup.
	(register_name, tc_s390_regname_to_dw2regnum): Adopt to the new
	reg_name_search signature.
	(s390_parse_cpu): Support the new arch string z13.
	(s390_insert_operand): Support for vector registers with the extra
	field for the fifth bit of each vector register operand.
	(md_gather_operand): Adjust to the new handling of optional

	* doc/as.texinfo: Document the z13 cpu string.

2015-01-16  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* gas/s390/esa-g5.d: Add a variant without the optional operand.
	* gas/s390/esa-g5.s: Likewise.
	* gas/s390/esa-z9-109.d: Likewise.
	* gas/s390/esa-z9-109.s: Likewise.
	* gas/s390/zarch-z9-109.d: Likewise.
	* gas/s390/zarch-z9-109.s: Likewise.
	* gas/s390/zarch-z10.d: For variants with a zero optional argument
	it is not dumped by objdump anymore.
	* gas/s390/zarch-zEC12.d: Likewise.

	* gas/s390/zarch-z13.d: New file.
	* gas/s390/zarch-z13.s: New file.
	* gas/s390/s390.exp: Run the test for the z13 files.

2015-01-16  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* s390.h (s390_opcode_cpu_val): Add S390_OPCODE_Z13.

2015-01-16  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* ld-s390/tlsbin.dd: The nopr register operand is optional and not
	printed if 0 anymore.

2015-01-16  Andreas Krebbel  <>

	* s390-dis.c (s390_extract_operand): Support vector register
	(s390_print_insn_with_opcode): Support new operands types and add
	new handling of optional operands.
	* s390-mkopc.c (s390_opcode_mode_val, s390_opcode_cpu_val): Remove
	and include opcode/s390.h instead.
	(struct op_struct): New field `flags'.
	(insertOpcode, insertExpandedMnemonic): New parameter `flags'.
	(dumpTable): Dump flags.
	(main): Parse flags from the s390-opc.txt file.  Add z13 as cpu
	* s390-opc.c: Add new operands types, instruction formats, and
	instruction masks.
	(s390_opformats): Add new formats for .insn.
	* s390-opc.txt: Add new instructions.

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