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Re: Experimental branches

> > On my experimental branch, I did "git merge master", then tried to
> > push. I got this:
> >
> > remote: *** This update introduces too many new commits (136), which would
> > remote: *** trigger as many emails, exceeding the current limit (100).
> > remote: *** Contact your repository adminstrator if you really meant
> > remote: *** to generate this many commit emails.
> > remote: error: hook declined to update
> > refs/heads/users/ccoutant/two-level-line-tables
> >
> > Clearly, I don't want to generate all those commit emails. What do I do instead?
> Can you do a rebase first?

Sorry - it's not about rebase vs merge, but rather the fact that
there was a small error in the configuration that caused the hooks
to think there should be email notifications for commits on those
branches (extra '/' at the start of the reference regexp). Now fixed,
can you try it again? It should display a small message confirming
that hooks.noemail config is set for your branch and that commit
emails will not be sent.


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