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Re: [PATCH] Add support for embedding scripts in .debug_gdb_scripts.

> From: Doug Evans <>
> Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2015 09:31:48 -0800
> +* Python/Guile scripting
> +
> +** GDB now supports auto-loading of Python/Guile scripts contained in the
> +   special section named `.debug_gdb_scripts'.

I think we should tell here on what systems/targets this is supported.
Otherwise, the NEWS entry is OK.

>  For systems using file formats like ELF and COFF,
>  when @value{GDBN} loads a new object file
>  it will look for a special section named @code{.debug_gdb_scripts}.

Is this really supported with non-ELF targets?  E.g., does pe-coff
(Windows) support such sections?

> +If this section exists, its contents is a list of NUL-terminated entries
> +specifying scripts to load.  Each entry begins with a non-NULL prefix byte that

Let's be consistent here" "null", lower-case and with 2 'l'.  This is
just a plain English word, not an acronym or a C symbol.

> +Supported values for the prefix byte are define in the

> +@file{include/gdb/section-scripts.h} file in the @value{GDBN} source tree.

Is this really helpful?  If that file is installed, let's mention
where to find it in the installed tree; if it is not installed, we
ought to list the values here, since the reader might not have access
to the source tree, let alone the one from which the binary was

> +The following entries are supported:
> +
> +@table @code
> +@end table

Are these the values of the prefix byte?  If so, we should simply skip
the pointer to the source tree.

> +@subsubsection Script Text Entries
> +
> +In script text entries the script to execute is contained in the entry
> +instead of being loaded from a file.

Suggest to reword this sentence:

  Script text entries allow to put the executable script in the entry
  itself instead of loading it from a file.

> +The rest of the entry, up to the trailing NUL byte,

>                                                      is the script to
> +execute in the specified language.

Specified how and by what means?

> +Loading of inlined scripts require a properly configured


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