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[PATCH][AARCH64]Document .arch and .arch_extension directive in GAS c-aarch64.texi

Hi all,

This is a simple patch to add .arch and .arch_extension directive documentation into c-aarch64.texi.

arch64-none-elf has been built, no new issue. Documentations of html and info format are both checked.

Okay to commit?


2014-11-24  Renlin Li  <>

    * doc/c-aarch64.texi (.arch): Document the directive.
    (.arch_extension): Likewise.

diff --git a/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi b/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi
index 1f4ce4c..80d1b0b 100644
--- a/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi
+++ b/gas/doc/c-aarch64.texi
@@ -230,6 +230,24 @@ The AArch64 architecture uses @sc{ieee} floating-point numbers.
 @table @code
+@cindex @code{.arch} directive, AArch64
+@item .arch @var{name}
+Select the target architecture.  Valid values for @var{name} are the same as
+for the @option{-march} commandline option.
+Specifying @code{.arch} clears any previously selected architecture
+@cindex @code{.arch_extension} directive, AArch64
+@item .arch_extension @var{name}
+Add or remove an architecture extension to the target architecture.  Valid
+values for @var{name} are the same as those accepted as architectural
+extensions by the @option{-mcpu} commandline option.
+@code{.arch_extension} may be used multiple times to add or remove extensions
+incrementally to the architecture being compiled for.
 @cindex @code{.bss} directive, AArch64

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