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Re: powepc64le gold linking problem

On Mon, Nov 24, 2014 at 11:02:41AM +0000, Jay Foad wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to investigate a problem with gold on powerpc64le linux. I
> have a large test program which I can link and run successfully with
> ld.bfd, but if I link with the test segfaults in a plt stub
> because r2 is not set up correctly. I have tracked it down to a call
> to _ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev, where it looks like r2 was not set up
> correctly.
> The calling code looks like:
>  2cc:   01 00 00 48     bl      2cc
> <_ZN45AddressSanitizer_InternalSimpleDeathTest_Test8TestBodyEv+0x2cc>
>                         2cc: R_PPC64_REL24      _ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev
> The callee, in a different module, has:
> 0000000000000000 g     F .text._ZN7testing8internal2RED2Ev
> 0000000000000080 _ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev
> 0000000000000000 g     F .text._ZN7testing8internal2RED2Ev
> 0000000000000080 0x60 _ZN7testing8internal2RED2Ev
> Disassembly of section .text._ZN7testing8internal2RED2Ev:
> 0000000000000000 <_ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev>:
>    0:   00 00 4c 3c     addis   r2,r12,0
>                         0: R_PPC64_REL16_HA     .TOC.
>    4:   00 00 42 38     addi    r2,r2,0
>                         4: R_PPC64_REL16_LO     .TOC.+0x4
>    8:   a6 02 08 7c     mflr    r0
>    c:   f8 ff e1 fb     std     r31,-8(r1)
> ...
> After linking with gold, I can see that the call is a bl directly to
> the global entry point, which is wrong, isn't it?


> 000000001002de34 g     F .text  0000000000000080
> _ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev
> 000000001002de34 g     F .text  0000000000000080              0x60
> _ZN7testing8internal2RED2Ev
> ...
> 000000001002de34 <_ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev>:
>     1002de34:   13 00 4c 3c     addis   r2,r12,19
>     1002de38:   84 aa 42 38     addi    r2,r2,-21884
>     1002de3c:   a6 02 08 7c     mflr    r0
>     1002de40:   f8 ff e1 fb     std     r31,-8(r1)
> ...
>     100425f8:   3d b8 fe 4b     bl      1002de34 <_ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev>
> It seems a bit suspicious that there are two symbols
> (_ZN7testing8internal2RED1Ev and _ZN7testing8internal2RED2Ev) with the
> same address, but only one of them has st_other set to indicate that
> the local entry point is two instructions past the global antry point.

According to the
D1 symbol is a complete object destructor and the D2 symbol is a base
object destructor.  If they happen to be the same function, then they
should have the same st_other bits.  So how did that occur?  You say
ld.bfd links the project OK, so presumably the object defining the
callee was linked with a ld -r stage.  Is that correct?  (If not, I
don't see how ld.bfd would link the object OK.)

> Any ideas? I'm happy to provide a repro but it's currently 32 MB of .o
> files (will that fit in bugzilla?).
> Thanks!
> Jay.

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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