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Re: asxxxx target support for sdcc?

On 20 Nov 2014 13:38, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:
> On 20.11.2014 01:31, Mike Frysinger wrote:
> > On 14 Nov 2014 13:57, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:
> >> the small device C compiler (sdcc) is a free C compiler targeting
> >> various 8-bit architectures.
> >> It currently has a fork of GNU binutils in its source tree. AFAIK, sdcc
> >> only uses ar, nm and ranlib, and the only substantial difference to GNU
> >> binutils is that the fork has removed support for many targets and has
> >> added support for an asxxxx target in bfd.
> >> sdcc uses asxxxx-flavor assemblers and linkers (see also asxxxx
> >> upstream:
> >>
> >> This look like unnecessary code duplication to me. Would it be possible
> >> to get the asxxxx-flavor target support accepted upstream, so sdcc could
> >> use GNU binutils instead of the fork? If yes, what would have to be done?
> > 
> I intend to have another look at this after the 3.5.0 sdcc release.
> > you would need:
> >  - FSF copyright assignment papers for the people who wrote the code
> Is this a hard requirement? I see a few lines by Maarten in there, who
> wants to get the changes upstream as well, so shouldn't be a problem.
> When I do the rebasing, there will be a bit by me, I'm ok with the
> assignment as well. But most of the code was written by Borut, who
> probably would be ok with the assignment if he was still alive. What to
> do in this case?

you'll have to talk to the FSF guys in this case :/.  please e-mail with this query.

> >  - verify the code works and passes tests
> Which tests are there?

`make check` runs all the tests.  your port probably should add some for its 
backends too.

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