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Re: asxxxx target support for sdcc?

On 14 Nov 2014 13:57, Philipp Klaus Krause wrote:
> the small device C compiler (sdcc) is a free C compiler targeting
> various 8-bit architectures.
> It currently has a fork of GNU binutils in its source tree. AFAIK, sdcc
> only uses ar, nm and ranlib, and the only substantial difference to GNU
> binutils is that the fork has removed support for many targets and has
> added support for an asxxxx target in bfd.
> sdcc uses asxxxx-flavor assemblers and linkers (see also asxxxx
> upstream:
> This look like unnecessary code duplication to me. Would it be possible
> to get the asxxxx-flavor target support accepted upstream, so sdcc could
> use GNU binutils instead of the fork? If yes, what would have to be done?

you would need:
 - FSF copyright assignment papers for the people who wrote the code
 - someone to actually rebase the changes onto the current binutils git
 - verify the code works and passes tests
 - someone to post the changes to the mailing list

we don't really want to see the history, just patches adding the latest code to 
the current git repos.  but that's probably about it.

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