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Re: [patch][rfc] Enabling more optimizations with -ON

On 03 Nov 2014 11:39, Rafael EspÃndola wrote:
> In compilers the -ON options enable various optimizations. Different
> compilers (and compiler versions) have different ones, but the option
> itself is commonly available and selects a somewhat corresponding
> level.
> In both bfd ld and gold very few optimizations are enabled with the
> -ON options. This means that users have to know which optimizations
> are available:
> ld ...-O3 --gc-sections --icf=safe....
> If an optimization is added to one of them, a configure check has to
> be used to find if the program is being linked with gold or bfd (and
> which version).
> As a starting point, the attached patch changes gold to gc sections by
> default if given -O3 or higher. It can still be disabled with an
> explicit --no-gc-sections.

i don't think this is really useful.  gc-sections requires code to be compiled 
with -f{data,function}-sections in order to be effective.  so at that point, the 
user is opting in to the desired behavior ...

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