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[PATCH, nds32] Code refactoring of relaxation.

Refactor each relaxation pattern to raise the maintainability.
In origin, all patterns is analysed in nds32_elf_relax_section,
so it is hard to debug and maintain.  Therefore, we classify all
patterns into different functions in this patch.
Moreover, we adjust all optimizations into nds32_elf_relax_section
to take these optimizations in turn.  This can promise all relaxation
being done after calling gld${EMULATION_NAME}_after_allocation.

The plain text ChangeLog is as below:

2014-09-16  Kuan-Lin Chen  <>

       * bfd-in2.h: Regenerate.
       * elf32-nds32.c (nds32_elf_mkobject): Hook bfd_elf32_mkobject.
       (nds32_elf_relax_section): Code refactoring.
       (nds32_elf_relax_longcall1, nds32_elf_relax_longcall2,
       nds32_elf_relax_longcall3, nds32_elf_relax_longcall4,
       nds32_elf_relax_longcall5, nds32_elf_relax_longcall6): Relax call
       pattern. The first three is moved from nds32_elf_relax_section,
       and the last three is new function.
       (nds32_elf_relax_longjump1, nds32_elf_relax_longjump2,
       nds32_elf_relax_longjump3, nds32_elf_relax_longjump4,
       nds32_elf_relax_longjump5, nds32_elf_relax_longjump6,
       nds32_elf_relax_longjump7): Relax condition branch pattern. The first
       three is moved from nds32_elf_relax_section, and the last four
       is new function.
       (nds32_elf_relax_loadstore, nds32_elf_relax_lo12): Relax load-store
       pattern and address setting pattern.
       (nds32_elf_relax_piclo12, nds32_elf_relax_ptr,
       nds32_elf_relax_pltgot_suff, nds32_elf_relax_got_suff,
       nds32_elf_relax_gotoff_suff): Relax pic pattern.
       (nds32_elf_relax_letlslo12, nds32_elf_relax_letlsadd,
       nds32_elf_relax_letlsls): Relax TLS pattern.
       (nds32_relax_adjust_label): Adjust alignment and nop.
       (nds32_elf_pick_relax): Choose relaxation optimization.
       (nds32_elf_get_relocated_section_contents): New hook.
       (nds32_elf_order_insn_times, nds32_elf_ex9_build_itable): Release ex9
       table 234th entry.
       * elf32-nds32.h: Declare.
       * libbfd.h: Regenerate.
       * reloc.c: Add nds32 new relocations.

2014-09-16  Kuan-Lin Chen  <>

       * config/tc-nds32.c (nds32_fsrs, nds32_fdrs, nds32_gprs): Remove.
       (relax_table): Add new relaxation pattern.
       (do_pseudo_la_internal, do_pseudo_ls_bhw): Expand for PIC suffix.
       (do_pseudo_move, do_pseudo_neg, do_pseudo_pushpopm): Fix.
       (get_range_type, nds32_elf_record_fixup_exp, nds32_get_align,
       nds32_elf_build_relax_relation, md_assemble, invalid_prev_frag,
       nds32_relax_frag, md_estimate_size_before_relax): Adjust relaxation.
       (relocation_table): Remove.
       (relax_ls_table): Load-store relaxation pattern.
       (hint_map): Define-use chain pattern.
       (nds32_find_reloc_table, nds32_match_hint_insn): Analysis
       relaxation pattern.
       (nds32_parse_name): Parse PIC suffix.
       * config/tc-nds32.h: Declare.

2014-09-16  Kuan-Lin Chen  <>

       * nds32.h: Declare new relocations.

2014-09-16  Kuan-Lin Chen  <>

       * emultempl/nds32elf.em (nds32_elf_after_open): Do not keep
       ex9 234th entry.
       (nds32_elf_after_allocation): Move all optimizations into

Best regards,
Kuan-Lin Chen.

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