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[PATCH, nds32] Add audio ISA extension and modify the disassemble implement.

First, add nds32 audio ISA extension including opcodes and registers.
Second, modify the disassemble implement.
The original disassemble decode instruction opcode using switch-case.
It is hard to synchronize when adding new instructions.
Therefore, the new implement reuses nds32_opcodes to dump the instructions.

The plain text ChangeLog is as below:

2014-09-16  Kuan-Lin Chen  <>

       * readelf.c (decode_NDS32_machine_flags): Display ABI2 FP+.

2014-09-16  Kuan-Lin Chen <>

        * nds32.h: Add new opcode declaration.

2014-09-16 Kuan-Lin Chen <>

       * nds32-asm.c (nds32_opcodes, operand_fields, keyword_im5_i,
       keyword_im5_m, keyword_accumulator, keyword_aridx, keyword_aridx2,
       keyword_aridxi): Add audio ISA extension.
       (keyword_gpr, keyword_usr, keyword_sr, keyword_cp, keyword_cpr,
       keyword_fsr, keyword_fdr, keyword_abdim, keyword_abm, keyword_dpref_st,
       keyword_cctl_lv, keyword_standby_st, keyword_msync_st): Adjust scrope
       for nds32-dis.c using.
       (build_opcode_syntax): Remove dead code.
       (parse_re, parse_a30b20, parse_rt21, parse_rte_start, parse_rte_end,
       parse_rte69_start, parse_rte69_end, parse_im5_ip, parse_im5_mr,
       parse_im6_ip, parse_im6_iq, parse_im6_mr, parse_im6_ms): Add audio ISA
       operand parser.
       * nds32-asm.h: Declare.
       * nds32-dis.c: Use array nds32_opcodes to disassemble instead of
       decoding by switch.

Best regards,
Kuan-Lin Chen.

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