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Re: [PATCH, MIPS] Ensure softfloat and single float take precendence in consistency checks

Matthew Fortune <> writes:
>> It'd be cleaner to have just one copy of the code at the head of the
>> function rather than duplicate it in each case statement.
> I've ended up with something that is still quite complex as I have
> accounted for all of:
> 1) An unknown fpabi must be reported as such rather than being
>    incompatible with or requiring any specific option.
> 2) fpabi 4 is unsupported regardless.
> 3) All softfloat checks had to be pulled up to the top to ensure
>    that the single float check did not precede any of the softfloat
>    checks. (So I moved all of single and soft to the top).
> 4) Ensure that only one warning comes out.
> I also restated all the inconsistencies in terms of what option is
> required to make the fpabi valid rather than sometimes saying what
> is incompatible.
> What do you think of this set of checks? I don't mind going over this
> again and trying something else if you have any more suggestions or
> concerns.

Yeah, that's not pretty either. :-(  Code getting this messy seems
like a good indication that we're not using the right representation.
It really shouldn't be this hard or need this much cut-&-paste...

Ah well.  Let's go with your original patch.


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