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Re: [PATCH, MIPS] Ensure softfloat and single float take precendence in consistency checks

Matthew Fortune <> writes:
> This patch fixes a subtle mistake in the FP ABI consistency check
> logic.  The error reporting does not currently follow the
> intended precedence of the various FP ABIs. I.e. softfloat,
> singlefloat and then all the hardfloat variants.  When someone
> uses -msingle-float with a GNU attribute which is not 4,2 then
> the initial warning should be that it is not compatible with
> singlefloat. Likewise for softfloat and attribute 4,3.

I agree with checking soft/single/double before register size,
but the patch still does it after checking -mabi.  Is that important?
I've always thought of -mabi and -mgp/-mfp being a set so IMO it's more
natural to check soft/single/double first, then ABI, then register size.
E.g. if someone uses fpxx in a softfloat n32 then I think it's valid to
report either the softfloatness or the n32ness being the problem.

It'd be cleaner to have just one copy of the code at the head of the
function rather than duplicate it in each case statement.


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