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RE: [PATCH 5/7] MIPS testsuite cleanup - part 5 (irix related)

> Matthew Fortune <> writes:
> > This patch fixes issue solely shown by irix configurations. I'm
> > not convinced there is any value in continuing to have irix
> > support in binutils given it is end of life. I'll follow up with
> > an RFC to look at deprecation and removal of this. The same
> > goes for non-traditional output and emulations for MIPS although
> > I suspect that may be met with slightly more resistance.
> Yeah, IRIX can definitely go.  I wanted to do that myself but it's
> such a tangled web that in the end I wasn't sure it was worth
> physically removing the code.

That sounds promising then. I'll do an RFC to allow anyone else to
comment in case anyone has some obsession with irix.

> "Non-traditional" output has been the norm for plain mips*-elf
> (as opposed to MTI-vendor mips*-elf) for a long time though.
> I think there would need to be a compelling reason to change.

I can't say I understand all the differences between the two output
formats but would like to. It occurs to me that the differences
may not be especially important for bare metal builds but were for
irix vs linux/bsd.

> If this patch isn't used by anything other than IRIX, let's drop it.
> The IRIX results have been terrible for a long time and there is no
> benefit in weakening the test just for IRIX.

I was hoping you may say that which is why the patches are separate.


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