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Re: [PATCH 5/7] MIPS testsuite cleanup - part 5 (irix related)

Matthew Fortune <> writes:
> This patch fixes issue solely shown by irix configurations. I'm
> not convinced there is any value in continuing to have irix
> support in binutils given it is end of life. I'll follow up with
> an RFC to look at deprecation and removal of this. The same
> goes for non-traditional output and emulations for MIPS although
> I suspect that may be met with slightly more resistance.

Yeah, IRIX can definitely go.  I wanted to do that myself but it's
such a tangled web that in the end I wasn't sure it was worth
physically removing the code.

"Non-traditional" output has been the norm for plain mips*-elf
(as opposed to MTI-vendor mips*-elf) for a long time though.
I think there would need to be a compelling reason to change.

If this patch isn't used by anything other than IRIX, let's drop it.
The IRIX results have been terrible for a long time and there is no
benefit in weakening the test just for IRIX.


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