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--defsym:1: unresolvable symbol `__ctype_b_loc' referenced in expression

64-bit obstack support

Re: [PATCH][PING²] PR external/{16327,16328}: Remove etc/configure.texi and etc/standards.texi

Re: [PATCH][PINGÂ] PR external/{16327,16328}: Remove etc/configure.texi and etc/standards.texi

[AArch64/bfd/2.24] relocation truncated to fit: R_AARCH64_LD64_GOT_LO12_NC against

[avr] Displaying memory usage info

Re: [Bug15639][ARM] gold and -flto always fails with an internal error on arm-linux-gnueabi*

[COMMIT] Add a .gitattributes file for use with git-merge-changelog

[commit] or1k: add missing l.msync, l.psync and l.psync instructions.

[commit] or1k: increase linux TEXT_START_ADDR to 0x2000

[FYI] or1k: GDB not supported for or1k*-*-rtems*

[gold commit arm] Fix PR gold/15639: internal error

[gold commit] Fix --defsym to copy symbol attributes.

Re: [Gold] .ehframe problem with --sort-section=name. PR gold/17005

[gold] Error out when there is an access beyond the end of the merged section

Re: [gold] First patch for aarch64 backend

[gold][aarch64]patch2: link helloworld

[MIPS][committed] Rename COPROC related macros

[PATCH 0/6] S/390: Some disassembler cleanup

[PATCH 1/2] ld/testsuite: Check DF_STATIC_TLS is correctly added

[PATCH 1/4] ld/testsuite: Disable non-PIC shared library tests on ARM

[PATCH 1/6] S/390: Split disassembler routine into smaller functions

[PATCH 2/2] bfd/elfnn-aarch64.c: set DF_STATIC_TLS when emitting IE relocs

[PATCH 2/4] binutils/testsuite: Disable strip-10 test on ARM non-EABI

[PATCH 2/6] S/390: Fix disassembler's treatment of signed/unsigned operands

[PATCH 3/4] Fix tests when configured for arm-linux and arm-elf

[PATCH 3/6] S/390: Fix off-by-one error in disassembler initialization

[PATCH 4/4] gas/ARM: Fix testsuite failure for arm-elf

[PATCH 4/6] S/390: Simplify opcode search loop in disassembler

[PATCH 5/6] S/390: Drop function pointer dereferences in disassembler

[PATCH 6/6] S/390: Various minor simplifications in disassembler

[PATCH RFC] bfd/armimxboot.c: new backend for arm imx bootable files

[Patch, avr] Fix PR 13697 without KEEPing .data

[Patch, moxie] Add moxiebox target

[PATCH,i386,1/4] Support new AVX512 instructions.

[PATCH,i386,2/4] Add AVX512Vl versions of AVX512CD instructions.

[PATCH,i386,3/4] Support AVX512BW instructions.

[PATCH,i386,4/4] Support new AVX512DQ instructions.

[PATCH,i386] Correctly handle .set derective for evex registers.

[PATCH/AArch64] Fix testcase glitch for linux target

Re: [PATCH/ARM][v2]PR 16722, support VLDR s/d0, =Imm

[PATCH] [SPARC] gas tests for ldx/stx/ldxa/stxa/ldxfsr/stxfsr/ldxefsr/ldfsr/stfsr

Re: [PATCH] Add support for ATtiny4/5/9/10/20/40 microcontrollers

Re: [Patch] Clarify addr2line output in the manual

[PATCH] Don't complain about dbCC to long branch conversion

[Patch] Fix typo in elf32.em help for stack-size

[PATCH] Fix xtensa ld segfault when linking linux modules

[PATCH] gdb/microblaze-tdep.c: Check whether less than zero in conditional expression

[PATCH] MIPS/BFD: Fix a .pdr section linker buffer overrun

[PATCH] or1k: GDB not supported for or1k*-*-rtems*

[PATCH] PR binutils/17154: Properly match PLT entry against .got.plt relocation

[PATCH] PR ld/17057: Update elf_i386_compute_jump_table_size

[PATCH] read.c: Don't special case the set directive for COFF

[PATCH] sim/microblaze/interp.c: Use long int format instead of int to avoid compiling warnings

[PATCH][AArch64/bfd] Enable elf_backend_rela_normal for AArch64

[PATCHv4] Add support for O32 FPXX ABI

Re: [RFC PATCH] ld/ARM: Increase maximum page size to 64kB

Re: [RFC] Add a .gitattributes file for use with git-merge-changelog

Aarch64 linker issue

Account for trailing bytes read from bfd_bread

Add MIPS as supported architecture for gold in binutils configure file

Add symbols for global entry stubs, and report stats

ARM instruction decoder

Build werror in tc-arm.c with your commit

Building binutils for mspgcc fails

Change to Thumb symbol readelf output

Commit: Fix check_lto_available proc

Copy st_other for linker script symbol assignments

Cross-assembling for AIX/PowerPC64

Don't include sys/param.h

ELIBBAD when linked with gold

Ensure ld testsuite gcc -B options precede $CC -B options

Fix EVEX versions of vmovsd, vmovss.

GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 - Local information and useful links

GNU Tools Cauldron 2014 - Slides for presentations

gprof missing functions

is the default ld linker script GPL?

LD scripts - using expressions correctly

Linker foreign output format support for PowerPC64 ELFv2

Re: New flag --keep-section <section_name> to prevent certain sections from being linker garbage collected.

New Mail

outdate .POT file on the

PSU left at GNU Tools Cauldron

Reload --as-needed libraries inside groups

relro support for MIPS

Rename to

Reorganise struct bfd

Re: request for assistance in understanding undocumented gas directives

request for assistance in using binutils to link a .o which was cross-compiled to mips64 using Clang/LLVM

Rid libdummy.a from lto.exp

Run ar with --plugin for LTO 11 test

Re: stateful handling of some ld flags

Taking an undefined function's address in an executable

Target specific relocation ld integration.

tidy elf_merge_st_other

Update gold

Use modern AC_INIT in

Warn for ar/nm/ranlib/ld on lto objects without plugin

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