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Re: [RFC] Add a .gitattributes file for use with git-merge-changelog

Samuel Bronson <> writes:

> NOTE: without feedback, I am likely to commit a .gitattribute file like
> this as "obvious", though probably with some things moved from the
> commit message to the file itself.
> Also, I'm still wondering if it would be ChangeLog-worthy.

On second thought, it looks like my followup to Tromey's post got lost
on its way to gdb-patches (at least) because I missed a mail from gmane
telling me I needed to authorize for it to actually get sent.

Oops!  I guess I should tread more carefully when I see "Newsgroups: "
headers in my message-mode buffers ...  I wonder how many other mails
got lost in limbo?

So, maybe people were just waiting to see my response before chiming in,
rather than being totally uninterested in my proposal.

(The thinking behind the previous message was basically "If nobody
actually cares, nobody will care enough to revert it either, right?"
Obviously, this assumes that I don't somehow cause anything to explode,
but then I rarely propose to commit a change to anything that I *expect*
will cause explosions.)

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