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testsuite results with MALLOC_PERTURB_=1

These extra fails show up..  So far I've only looked at the x86 ones,
which are due to write_object_file() not being called after errors.
If write_object_file() isn't called, fixups aren't applied, so frags
have parts that are uninitialized.

arm-vxworks  +FAIL: PIC
cris-elf  +FAIL: gas/cris/rd-bkw4v32
i386-darwin  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i386-darwin  +FAIL: i386 x86-64-mpx-inval-1
i386-linuxaout  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i386-lynxos  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i386-netware  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i586-aout  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i586-coff  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i586-linux  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i586-linux  +FAIL: i386 inval-equ-1
i586-linux  +FAIL: i386 x86-64-mpx-inval-1
i686-nacl  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i686-nacl  +FAIL: i386 inval-equ-1
i686-nacl  +FAIL: i386 x86-64-mpx-inval-1
i686-pc-beos  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i686-pc-elf  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
i686-pc-elf  +FAIL: i386 inval-equ-1
i686-pe  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
tic54x-coff  +FAIL: c54x macros
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: C6X unwinding directives 1 (little endian)
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: C6X unwinding directives 2 (big endian)
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: C6X unwinding directives 3 (segment change)
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: ld-tic6x/unwind-1
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: ld-tic6x/unwind-2
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: ld-tic6x/unwind-3
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: ld-tic6x/unwind-4
tic6x-elf  +FAIL: ld-tic6x/unwind-6
vax-netbsdelf  +FAIL: VAX ELF relocations
vax-netbsdelf  +FAIL: GOT test (executable)
vax-netbsdelf  +FAIL: GOT test (shared library)
vax-netbsdelf  +FAIL: VAX export class call relocation test
vax-netbsdelf  +FAIL: VAX export class data relocation test
x86_64-linux  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
x86_64-linux  +FAIL: i386 inval-equ-1
x86_64-linux  +FAIL: i386 x86-64-mpx-inval-1
x86_64-mingw32  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
x86_64-mingw32  +FAIL: i386 x86-64-mpx-inval-1
x86_64-nacl  +FAIL: i386 mpx-inval-1
x86_64-nacl  +FAIL: i386 inval-equ-1
x86_64-nacl  +FAIL: i386 x86-64-mpx-inval-1

Alan Modra
Australia Development Lab, IBM

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