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Re: [Patch] Clarify addr2line output in the manual

Hi Tristan,

I think the current description of addr2line in the manual is a little bit confusing.
But as I am not a native English speaker, please proof read my changes.

OK - I have a couple of minor suggestions for improvements:

+The format of the output is @samp{FILENAME:LINENO}.  By default,
+each input address generates one line.

I think that this would be clearer as:

  The format of the output is @samp{FILENAME:LINENO}.  By default
  each input address generates one line of output.

+One or two (if the @option{-f} option
+is used) are displayed for each inlined function.

Would be clearer (imho) as:

  One or two extra lines (if the @option{-f} option is used) are
  displayed for each inlined function.

+Finally, if the @option{-p} option is used then the input address, the
+function name, the filename and the line number are displayed on
+one, possibly quite long, line.  If the @option{-i} is also used,
+an inlined function generate one additional line, prefixed with
+@samp{(inlined by)}.  If @option{-p} is not used then the
+output is broken up into multiple lines, based on the paragraphs above.

I find this paragraph to be a little bit complicated. How about this instead:

  Alternatively if the @option{-p} option is used then each input
  address generates a single, long, output line containing the address,
  the function name, the file name and the line number.  If the
  @option{-i} option has also been used then any inlined functions will
  be displayed in the same manner, but on separate lines, and prefixed
  by the text @samp{(inlined by)}.

Approved with these changes. If you want to make some other changes or disagree with my suggestions then please repost with your version and I will review again.


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