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Re: [PATCH] readline/util.c: use '%d' instead of 'ld' to avoid compiling warning

On 05/30/2014 04:27 PM, Pedro Alves wrote:
> On 05/30/2014 03:50 AM, Chen Gang wrote:
>> If we have a tool to tell members (especially new members) the related
>> mailing addresses (e.g. "scripts/" under Linux kernel
>> and/or Qemu), that will be cool!
> I agree.  If you'd like to contribute one, it'll be gladly accepted.
> The information can currently be found in the MAINTAINERS files
> in the several directories in the tree.

I am glad to. I am not quite familiar with perl, but it is not the
excuse to let myself stop -- I shall try.

At present, I am scanning binutils for all compiling warnings, and try
to fix them. I guess I need about 1-2 month (I am not quite familiar
with binutils, either have no enough free time for it).

So may I finish scanning warnings, then try ""? (also
welcome any members to scan warnings and/or try "")


Chen Gang

Open, share and attitude like air, water and life which God blessed

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